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Training & Certification 

Hacker Bootcamp


The Course syllabus includes the following: 

  • Modern Phishing and Hacking techniques.
  • OSINT - map out your company's Internet profile
  • Network Vulnerability assessment
  • Application Vulnerability assessment
  • Windows Security
  • Linux Security 
  • Secure Configuration reviews
  • Hardening systems
  • Architectural patterns for advanced network defence  
  • Malware injection
  • Windows Exploitation
  • Web Application Exploitation  
  • Cyber Assessment Methodologies
  • Exam


The Hacker Bootcamp Course is delivered over three days and is designed to certify you as a technical hacker aligned to a CHECK team member. It will teach you the basics of penetration testing and give you enough knowledge to assess a corporate network as well as breaching the perimeter of a corporate.

The course is designed to bootstrap your knowledge and offer an insight into modern hacking and defense techniques.


The course will contain practicals as well as a final exam. You will be assessed throughout the course for your ability to perform a detailed security audit upon a network.

You must achieve an overall pass score of at least 70% 


NEDForum recommends you use Kali Linux, VM or Native as well as having a Windows system available.

Fresh sanctions for Russia's Cyber Army



4 Days

This is a three day fast paced course. 
There are pleanty of hand's-on practicals, desiged to teach you common technical audting techniques.


Certification  & Exam

Students will be assessed throughout the course via a series of exercises and a final exam. Upon successful completion of the course, including passing the exam, students will be awarded NEDForum Hacker Bootcamp certification 

Students must achieve an overall score of at least 70% to pass the exam 



For those wishing to become a CHECK team member you will be required to sit the CREST or TIGER team member exam.



A laptop is required with working WiFi. (Laptops can be provided at an additional cost). Install SSH, Nikto, NMAP and ensure they function. 
Kali LINUX is recommended.

"Great Course, learnt a lot"

French Interior Ministry



London, July 23-25th (Sold Out)

London ,September 24-26st

London, November 19-21 


Austerbury Limited


Austerbury Limited


GCHQ Certified Trainer
Martin Jordan